Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ps in DOS/windows pid command? How to export all your windows system environment variables ?

ps equivalent command in Windows or DOS 
How to see pid of a running process in Windows like in Unix (ps -eaf )?
 Just launch the task manager and go to processes tab and you should be able to see Image name followed by PID. If you are not able to see PID column here you may need to add it from Menu (View) -> Select Columns and then select PID(Process Identifier) .
Windows Command to see which port is being blocked by which PID ?
netstat -anb
Many users face trouble in tracing the process id of a process when comes to windows / DOS . Basically DOS is not multi tasking OS. It just maintains only process under which sub processes will be running. So Windows server versions we have got one similar command to show the process id of a likely process.
ex : ps -eaf | grep java
the above command in Unix will give all the java processes and their PIDs so similar command but not exact in windows (Server versions) would be the following

tasklist /v | find "java"
So if you want to run this command on other types of windows flavors like Windows XP it may not work so to make it work you may need to install 2003 Source kit.as it needs framedyn.dll
P.S : Generally the best practice I follow is I will install tool called Cygwin on windows machines which gives a command prompt to allow us to run all possible Unix commands in windows itself.

How to export all your windows system environment variables ? 

Just from run pompt launch cmd and run the below command which will put all environment variables in to one file
C:\> SET >> myEnvVariables.txt

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