Monday, November 23, 2009

Planetarium in Bangalore and Musical fountain


Last week I visited planetarium in the Bangalore, It was good time to re-build our memories related to Planets and solar system. Many of us know the Solar system, Stars life and other interesting things in astrology. Really kids can enjoy this place, as it gives a chance to visualize what they have learned in the books.
 More details you can find here
Show timings and event evrey thing they are maintaing in this website for the Bangalore planetarium very well.It contains route information as well. route map

There in Bangalore planetarium(Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium) they show different shows in the SKY theater (Will be in a globe like shape inside) like
  1. Wonder Stars - Life history of stars (How they evolve and how they die ?) More about SUN.
  2. Shows about Indian scientist's like Jagadeesh chandra Bose.
  3. Shows related to solar system

And in some important days like lunar eclipse or solar eclipse they arrange the telescope or other required apparatus to view those miracles with required precautions.

Along with these things there I found one interesting weigh machine which will print your wait in all planets.And the garden they are maintain is good. Along with the garden they have different simulation setup which will explain many physics concepts like Force and Mass movements simple pendulums and Sound etc .show charges are around 25 R/- per head. No special entrance fees.
After this visit we immediately went to Indiragandhi Musical fountain in the energy park which is just beside this planetarium.

This is also having a good and beautiful park. The kids has many play things to enjoy like merry go round. The musical fountain is good but they focused only on karnatic music and Patriotic music.
All my frined slept during the show as it is almost like documentary. And really we should thanks Sudha murthy (Infosys) for sponsoring the presentations to this planetarium.


  1. Informative and useful article.

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  4. is there any programs in which amateurs can come n see the real planets through your telescopes?


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