Andhra to America

"Unites States of Andhra - United States of America"

Don't know!!confused ...where is the relation for these two? But there is some thing which is tying potent.

Andhra Pradesh a state in India famously known as "Rice Bowl of India". Though advent of Software into andhrites lives, agriculture is still chief source of state income. It is the largest state in southern India. It is famous for one of the Indian dances called "Kuchipudi". It is having its own glory and history. Where as coming to America- is the one of the best among the wealthy and developed nations of world.
Though people like Nara Chandra Babu Naidu (ex-chief minister of AP) named Andhra as "Little America" in their open meetings; still Andhrites dreams are unlimited about America and its Dollars. The number of Andhrites going to US is always holding an exponential graph. The numbers of Telugu associations are increasing day-by-day expanding their branches in all most all the states of America.Starting from Telugu foods; there will be a special store for each and every thing which an andhtrite needs in America (Temples, shopping Malls etc).

I don't know who said this "తెలుగు జాతీ మనది నిండు గ వెలుగు జాతి మనది..."The sweetness and its brightness is spread allover the world. The legend - NTR who cued us the pride of Telugu is still driving us. No doubt of it. Soon there may comes a day which declares Telugu as one of the official languages of America ... whistlingAnd people are feeling this as their another home land as many are taking their birth in US itself and they had seen most of their life stages in US itself.

With the change in immigration rules some time in early sixties, brain drain to US from India gradually increased and it is still continuing. Initially Scientists, Engineers and doctors were part of this brain drain but that drastically turned into drain of software engineers. Even the person entered in US as doctor also turned into a software guy due to the advent of Software in early eighties of US. So dramatically the influx increased in 80's. Telugu people's expertise in professional skills in conjunction with English language skills gave them ease to settle there along with their kith and kin. I think there will be at least one family from each village of AP now settled in US. At present I don't think one can keep track of the statistics of Telugu people working in software companies of US.

When Indians in US started saying that "once you come into the country you never leave" people here started dreaming about the big houses, expensive cars with luxurious life. Of course all of these can be easily possible with smart/simple work itself in US but which we can't even think after decades of our toil also. So their love to go to America is becoming more and more day by day.The feeling to work in America is due to the differences in the currency (INR and USD). So people think that - working hard for some time there and the coming back to India with the earned dollars makes them as a rich man in the India society. Even the number of people who love to stay in America, getting US citizen ship is also high. It may be or may not be a lawful and loyal feeling. But this is how it is expanding its roots and it is what exactly happening.

These feelings are becoming mad and causing very unwanted situations in our lives and in our society which is not even making man rich but making them die in young ages. Due to US phobia Andhra families are giving importance to the men settled in US. The bride family members just think that bride-groom is working in America. But they really don't know whether he is already married or he is having any pre-marital relations over there they won’t really care for the work and his cultural habits of the guy. I am not here to criticize only Male/Female, but it’s about the changes in our culture, attire, and attitude every thing which impacts our lives.

I still remember a situation in a movie - " A girl maries a guy to just come to US and catch her old boy friend who is already in US and leaves that innocent NRI".
I can't say thatit may not happen in real life ...anything can happen with the change in attitudes.
"The over love towards unwanted things surely cause lose to nation"
The Peoples psychology in Andhra ( as this is only place I have seen for quite good time in my life deep into many lives starting from ones child hood to old age) became more and more worse ... Starting from a middle class family to High society people every body's desire is just America. I am not really exception to this phobia some time back. It’s not even Dollar dreams in mind but a strong mad feeling which just ruins us. I have got chances in multiple situations to understand the feelings and lives of people in America and their relatives or closed ones in Andhra. Since from childhood andhrites mindset starts tuning by their parents or so called relatives or friends or who ever it is ... When we ask a typical school going boy in Andhra about his education/career plan - He starts narrating like this -
"Once I finished my schooling I will go and join in Rammaih institute to get a good IIT rank."
If we stop him and ask "If you did not able to get a seat in Rammaih college what will you do ?"
His answer continues like this - “I will join in nice Junior college for best EAMCET coaching" after that "I will join in a Regional Engg.College; if not, at least some private Engg. Colleges one among the 30o in our state to finish my Graduation and start preparing GRE/TOEFL to get the US VISA. After finishing MS in US I will get green card in US and settle for my life there". This is how a typical Andhra school boy is planning his life. Final motto for him is to just settle in US. One may praise the kid for his foresight. But sure this is all happened only with the mad culture beside him. This is one typical scene I observed.
Now in India there will be more than 100 SWE for each street in a typical metropolitan city. All these SWE's next goal is just to travel and settle in USA or any other country. The people who want to settle in US generally wants to be as a Software engineer irrespective of the graduation or technical skills he has. Other case is about the Indian students travel to US for higher-studies are even working as rest room cleaners and waiters in hotels which they can’t even think about in India. For survival some thing is to be followed which we can even do in India. Then why should we go to US??? Is it just for survival to hide ourselves from our loved ones? We can have better and wonderful Educational institutes if our society or our politicians has thought of it at any time.

I have seen people who went to US for further studies fall in love with somebody, and marrying some other with their parents force. This is simply spoiling an innocent’s life. As that guy can’t even lead his life with the new bride and he can't even leave the one he loved. This is creating new trend of extra marital relations. I have seen the sorrows of such innocent people and their parents in India. We may not see our neighbor’s personal life and we don't even have time to listen his sorrows and we are least bothered for that. But the walls of a net-to-phone center know - what are the words that are exchanged between the persons in US and the one in India. Those are not at all the happy words but all about the words of grievance in their heart.

Some times this situation become too worse and killed those innocents itself. This is another kind of psychic behavior booming out from this culture. Can't we really live in India with what we are having now? ...we can live more than what we feel ...People are simply fond of US as if they think it as a heaven.

When it was my father's childhood, people used come from his villages to towns to prove themselves to reach existing opportunities in towns for a better life. And from my child hood, I have seen people traveling extensively to abroad just to have better life ...But in both the situation there a hell of differences. And I am not able to think about the future if this trend continues...

But I have only one strong believe -"our culture is the best standard" all of we should follow for must ...Can't we built a better nation staying here itself.. can't we go to renaissance ...I want our history to be repeated like the one we heard about the time in either krishna devaraya or Ashoka or who ever ...Of course if we are able to reach that pahse again it will not be a big time to build a society like in Ramayana and Mahabarata.Its not my word of frustration this is what the real situational solution what we all should think of ... According to our Indian culture there were just four stages of our small life which we can simply call as Balyam(0-5), Kaumaram(5-15), Yavvanam(15 - 40 or 50), Vruddapyam(50 - 100), So one can be matured enough to think about society happens only in his Kaumaram and he can act accordingly till some extent of his Vruddapyam after that no one can do any thing . So if we are simply wasting all our days here and there when we can full-fill our essence of life...

How many of us know the entire India and its culture and its History. We don't know even at least 35- 50 % of it. Isn't it? We, being Indians not worried about any such things but simply want to follow blindly behind the so called foreign culture as like a mob of sheep. But we should know and think about it - for its next generation effects. If we behave simply like those penguins in polar; sure there will be valley before us, in which we all are going to jump to die. So let's start thinking of India and its renowned culture.

"Explore India"
Note : US is one common word I used through out this post, but we can replace that with any other country at this present situation. 
P.S : I took around 10 days to publish this from my drafts folder. I am able to finish  final  editing today, due to my busy routine work.

11 comments to "Andhra to America"

  • Good narration of insite abt the peoples mentalities u have given it as a clear insight..
    GOOD GOING ...
    Go ahead mate...
    Keep publishing ur thoughts...

  • Damn good dude

  • Damn good dude,good usage of Budda n statue of liberty for pictorial representation to get the persepctive of article.You have explained one side of the coin,i would like to see a continuation to the post Explaining the other side of the coin as Why is it happening,where we lag i.e our culture and system.I think it is because andhraites have typical mentality of catching to the happening thing around and in India if u think out of box u will be given moral support only after you succed rather than when u r trying it

  • Hi,
    The thoughts u presented on the America Phobia is right, but i think after coming here everyone can experience what kind of life really an Indian in US facing.It can be good for one person and not at all good for other.I also experienced the same situations from my childhood with US craze.This is realy because of the parents or the relatives.One more everyone must just think that everything has two sides :Good and bad.

    Everyone is thinking abt the enjoyment and all things here but, there are sooo many things that make ur life soo critical and tension.

    We must be here leaving all our own life in our native place.It will happy when u got money.When u think abt ur parents and all then...?

    any way nice explanation...

  • Krishna...Nice naration .. I will read more when i get a time - Srikanth Gangoor

  • Too good explanation babu...
    In addition to this u can write abt people who stay in u.s and the difficulties they face..
    Like u can take an example a person who never visited u.s thinks that there is something great and he wishes to go there thats what u can call u.s phobia...
    but people should know the difference the exact things which made you to feel that india is far much better than staying in u.s

  • I have a plan about those things related US phobia to write in my coming articles..Thanks to all

  • Good one!! Keep it up!!

  • phobia అంటే భయం
    Mania అంటే పిచ్చి ప్రేమ
    మీ ఉద్దేశ్యం US Mania అని.
    ఇలాంటివి వదిలేస్తే, మిగితా అంతే ఒకే గానీ....
    పాత రోజులన్నీ ఎప్పుడూ గొప్పగా కనిపిస్తాయి. అంతేగానీ, చరిత్రలోనూ భోళ్డు కష్టాలున్నాయి.

    ఏ అవకాశలకోసమైతే అర్రులు చాచి అమెరికాకి వెళుతున్నారు, ఆ అవకాశలు ఇక్కడా కల్పించవచ్చు.కల్పించుకోవచ్చు.

    Perhaps, you will take a little more time to come to this point. I am trying to explain this in my blog.

  • nice article dude.. keep it up !!

  • good one

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