New Year !!!!

Leaving dull days behind,
Hop on with wit, passion and mind.
Remember all your mistakes,
and try never repeating them at any stake.

Life as always is cool and alive,
Just enjoys its magic with a blind dive.
Never ever think you are alone,
You will surely find one whose feelings are your clone.

Happiness is to cherish for long,
Disturbing moments to be forgotten with a nice light song.
Your prosperity is what matters,
To all of them around you in clutters.

Time might be invincible,
But your thoughts are always serviceable.
Direct it in a perfect direction,
In the end it will be you who will find the maximum satisfaction.

This is what I hope all duration,
My friends will improve their perfection.
Wishing you a happy new start,
For a bright new morning with a pure heart.

Let luck be with you,
In this yet another year new.
Years gone can never be traced back,
But the days ahead can surely be targeted in your plan sack.


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Who ever writes Inappropriate/Vulgar comments to context, generally want to be anonymous …So I hope U r not the one like that?
For lazy logs u can at least use Name/URL option which don’t even require any sign-in, good thing is that it can accept your lovely nick name also and URL is not mandatory too.
Thanks for your patience
~Krishna(I love "Transparency")
వీలయితే నాల్గు పోస్టులు ...కుదురితే ఒక కామెంటూ ...


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